Veteran: Erica Hicks

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Erica Hicks is a career woman who wants to do it all, and she does. After years of working in the industry she started her own firm, PR Vein, and has built a roster of clients that she puts at the forefront of everything she does to ensure they succeed. For a fun twist this Veteran gave an inside look at how to succeed in public relations by sharing advice on what to do, what not to do and the challenges you may face. See how Erica got her start and then read on for the priceless jewels she drops for being your own boss.

Erica started her career working in PR at Vogue in 2009. In, 2010 she attended NYU to obtain a Master’s in Public Relations Management and Corporate Communications. While in school she worked full time, to gain experience that would complement her degree. PR Vein started, somewhat, accidentally. After years of freelancing a friend of Erica’s approached her to assist American Idol finalist Syesha Mercado at her first appearance at the Tony Awards. The event was a major success and Mercado wanted Erica to be her full time publicist. Erica always wanted to an entrepreneur, but didn’t think it would happen so soon. She thought she would spend more time in corporate America but she states it was God’s timing and decided to follow her craft. From there she began implementing a business plan and working to start her own firm.

She works with several clients in the fashion, entertainment and tech industry and has managed to develop successful campaigns and strategies for each. Erica has secured coverage in many mainstream outlets such as Women’s Wear Daily, The Today Show, Harper’s Bazaar, NBC, the Washington Post and more. She has dressed celebrities including Drew Barrymore and Naomi Watts, and her clients clothes have been featured on celebrities and in major mainstream media. Her list of successes is long and sure to continue to grow as her business does. Erica’s career has had many highlights, however she loves the fact that she has been able to work in the field of fashion, which she has always wanted to do since she moved to NYC. When asked what her motto would be Erica stated, “Soar like an eagle, win like a boss.” That’s exactly what she’s doing.

Check out our interview with Erica on how to succeed in PR! We delve right in, and Erica gives the unfiltered truth. 

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