The mission of Strong + Elite is to inspire and lead millennial minority women to find their personal vision through relatable stories so they can pursue their passions without fear.  

There is no definition of woman, of minority. We are fluid, constantly changing what we personally define as the “feminine and/or minority experience.” Our identity is not defined or relegated based on one thing. Instead, it is an inclusive culmination of personal experiences, growth and development by those who are judged prematurely, not on merit, but simply on their physical appearance when they enter a room. We are strong and powerful. We offer no apology. We dare to exist and strive in a world that constantly pushes against us. We are Strong. We are Elite.

Strong & Elite seeks to fulfill its mission through interviews with novice women “Rookies” and seasoned experts “Veterans” in congruent fields to provide insight into how they started their careers, what their daily tasks consist of, and sharing any stories of positive or negative occurrences experienced due to gender, race, religion, etc. S+E also seeks to connect Rookie and Veteran women to form mentorships and lasting bonds to propel each other through the career mine field. More is in store for the future as Strong + Elite continues to fulfill its mission so stay tuned.