Charell Strong


Two things I’m passionate about: being black and being a woman. Those two things sparked my flame. I have always had a strong desire and even more poignant opinions about societal awareness of issues and rights concerning minorities and women. I was never sure what to do with my interests or if they would even be a factor of my future path, but then I had an "aha" moment. I decided to create a catalyst for us, our successes, struggles and our issues and also provide resources to bridge the gap between us and success. This led to the creation of She Dares to Exist (formerly Strong + Elite), to some, She Dares to Exist may come as a surprise and to others a natural extension of the Charell they have encountered. I have never felt a need to make announcements or affirm my “blackness” or “womanhood” for anyone else, and I still don’t.  She Dares to Exist is for those who know their history, are seizing every opportunity in the present and claiming their future.

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