Nappy by Nature FAQ

You've got questions, we've got answers. See below answers to some of the frequently asked questions in preparation of founder Charell's debut book Nappy by Nature. 

What is Nappy by Nature? Is it a poetry book?

Nappy by Nature is the author’s personal account of some her most memorable moments. The writing is a mix of stories, essays, prose, and poetry. It’s an amalgamation of what led her to her current space of success, personal acceptance, love, and vulnerability- especially in regards to her black womanhood. It is the author’s first book.

I know the author. Am I in the book?

Read it and find out.  :) 

What is the price?

Nappy by Nature is $13 for preorder only. After the official release the price will rise. 

What is the preorder deadline?

February 16th, this allows ample time for printing and delivery for the NYC release event.

Is the preordered book a physical copy?

Yes, all preordered books are for physical copies. Digital versions will be available after March 17th for download.

What if I miss the deadline?

You can still purchase a book to be shipped, or if you live in the Tri-state area you can purchase one at the book launch celebration.

I want my copy with the author’s signature, will my copy be signed?

Yes, all preordered books will be autographed. Additionally, any physical books purchased directly from the author or via the author’s site, Strong and Elite, will also be signed.

What is the release date?

Nappy by Nature’s official release date is March 17th. On this date all preorders will begin shipping.

So what’s this book launch/release event you keep mentioning?

The Nappy by Nature book release event will be Thursday, March 16th from 6-10pm in Harlem at the Club by Dominik Mager salon. The event will feature a braid bar, author reading, signing, and networking. Refreshments will be served and attendees (with book purchases) will receive a gift bag.

The release will feature a raffle (of some dope goodies) to raise funds for the Peek-a-Boo Pretty Girl nonprofit. As the book covers the author’s battle with self-image, confidence, and self-esteem she is partnering the nonprofit organization to donate funds. Peek-a-Boo Pretty Girl focuses on helping young girls with their self-esteem and confidence. Meet one of the founders of Peek-a-Boo Pretty Girl in our She Serves article here.

Tell me more about the giveback.

For the life of the book, the author will be donating a portion of the book’s sales to various nonprofit organizations that focus on empowering women and girls, a matter that is close to her heart and part of her mission. She hopes through Nappy by Nature girls and young women can find the power and beauty in themselves and avoid making some of the mistakes she did.

Where can I purchase?

Preorders and author signed copies will be available at for a limited time. Upon the March 17th release, physical and digital copies will available for purchase online through Createspace, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Will there be a Kindle and/or e-book?

Yes, there will be a Kindle version available for download on Amazon. Other ebook versions (Nook, KOBO and PDF) will be announced as released.

If you have additional questions or an urgent inquiry please contact Charell directly using the contact page