She Makes Stationery Sweet

What started as a senior capstone project has become a business for Khyneesha Edwards. Collegiate Candy is a stationery line dedicated to college women featuring greeting cards, art prints, note pads and journals in the college-student friendly price range of $5-$20.

Khyneesha studied Fashion Communications at Stephens College. As part of the major’s senior project students are to create something representative of their schooling which encompasses both written and visual components. Past projects have included magazines and various product designs. Khyneesha found herself interested in stationery after an internship at 1canoe2, in Columbia, MO, a letterpress and stationery company. She was able to see shipping, packaging, development, photography and more which really inspired her. She created Collegiate Candy as her capstone doing everything from design and packaging to pricing and marketing.

Collegiate Candy was a fun and relatable stationery product that appealed to the students on her campus. Khyneesha’s colorful designs and clever taglines- from “the struggle is real” to “embrace the journey”- were an instant hit. One of her bestselling items is a journal with the phrase “damn, that’s a good idea” on it. Faculty were hesitant about the profanity, but it proved to click with her audience. The concept behind Collegiate Candy was to be sweet n’ sour- like college students. Khyneesha has a pulse for what students want and need, after all she was one just a few months ago.

After winning the Entrepreneurial Spirits award from the fashion critics at her school and receiving positive feedback from her peers she decided to fully pursue it. Her alma mater and family have been very supportive and she is looking to expand even more through social media and marketing. In addition the current online offerings she would like bookstores to buy wholesale so her goods can be available on campus.

Right now Collegiate Candy specifically offers general stationery and branded goods for Stephens College students, however the business is growing and she plans to expand to other colleges in Missouri first. In addition to Collegiate Candy, Khyneesha runs Resumes by Neesha where she assists job seekers in the overall resume process from design to copyediting and writing.

Collegiate Candy is at the beginning of something great, and S+E can’t wait to see what’s next for Khyneesha. You can find out more information and get your own goodies at her Collegiate Candy site.