Edges Snatched. Here we go again.

Olympian Gabby Douglas is in headlines again at the 2016 Rio Olympics. She has made history being one of only two gymnasts to have three gold medals, and this is her second time at the Olympics. Let’s also not forget she is the first African American to win gold in the individual all-around competition. She is one of the best gymnasts in the world.

Despite of all of Gabby’s accomplishments leave it up to internet trolls to focus on the insignificant: hair. Do a Google Search for Gabby Douglas and “hair” is in the top three popular search terms that populates. In 2012 Gabby was the source of ridicule where people took to Twitter and Facebook to critique her hair and 2016 looks to be no different. The Internets are ablaze with people, especially black women, critiquing her hair.

The subject of hair in the black community is a big one that never grows old and is always at the forefront of conversation. It’s as if your appearance must be validated before you are. Gabby is busy and her hair is not, and should not, be the focus of conversation. She is flipping in the air, jumping from beams and defying gravity all while making it look easy. Gabby’s hair meets gymnastic regulations and is practical, the most crucial part. Who has time to lay “baby hairs” while twisting in the air? The constant commentary on her hair is not only unnecessary it’s rude. The good news is that this year it looks like the haters are being shut down swiftly. People are coming to the defense of Gabby and focusing on her talent, not her hair. 

Gabby is too busy taking over the world and snatching edges, so don’t worry about hers.