Daily Doses of Self Care

If you’re anything like me you have recently begun really delving into the world of self-care. Meaning not just working out and eating healthy but purposely connecting and catering to the needs of your mental, spiritual and physical self. You can do this in a variety of ways from meditation to mantras to Mother Nature’s gifts of herbs, oils, etc.

As many of you have, I too have been struggling with the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. I was finding ways to make my voice heard through protests and spending power but my heart was not at ease. I couldn’t sleep and my mind wouldn’t rest. These men’s deaths hit me hard, after all the tragedy and our blackest year ever things were looking up, but reality came like a ton of bricks. It hit us all and dozens of articles surfaced offering explanations for what is essentially PTSD for blacks in America and ways to cope in a crisis.

For me, I prayed and after I prayed I needed only positive vibes entering my mind. I logged off the internet to avoid seeing any videos of the shootings or negative propaganda. For me two things helped not only in this moment but in my daily life: Tracy G’s audio affirmations and Black Girl in Om’s guided meditation.

Tracy G (who was on the #SheDaresLive panel) is a self-proclaimed edutainer, on-air personality for Sway in the Morning and most importantly founder of She’s Beauty and the Beast. Tracy G provides audio affirmations for your daily life talking about everything from relationships, finances, health to yes, Black Lives Matter. She sets her affirmations on top of some dope beats that will get you through your morning routine or serve as a mid-day re-energizer. Check out her latest entry for Black Lives Matter, it’s less than 3 minutes y’all.

Black Girl in Om (BGIO) is a holistic website for women of color that I stumbled across in the twitter universe. Created by Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah BGIO is about empowering women of color to “breathe easy” with their online publication and features. BGIO has a new podcast that must be added to your weekly playlist. Lauren and Zakkiyahh are much needed breath of fresh air from the craziness and share their personal stories, and those of guests, to help you zone in on what needs to be done for you own well-being. This can be veganism, exercise or daily affirmations.

What do you do for self-care? If you check out Tracy G and BGIO and let us know what you think!