Slay Your Debt!

Got debt? We all do. Candice Marie has created a website to help you take charge of your finances. has tools and useful articles to help plan, manage and invest your finances wisely. If you have no idea where to start Young Yet Wise is the place. Not only does it have resources, Candice is a millennial working to eliminate her own student debt. Candace shows her own tracker of her efforts to pay off her $38,000 student loan. She transparently shares her own story of learning about money and what inspired her to start Young Yet Wise.

If conquering your credit card or student loan debt was one of your resolutions it’s not too late to get started. Candice has created a FREE workbook titled Slay Your Debt in 2016 for you to download and use to guide you through the money management process. Don’t let the amount you own discourage you, there are ways to tackle it. Try out the workbook and see if it helps you plan, prioritize and strategize.

Check out her site and be sure to tell her we sent you. Good luck and happy saving!