Year of Yes

I sit here terrified to tell one of my few mentors that I can no longer fulfill my duties to them. As I struggle with how to confront the issue succinctly and as nicely as possible I look to my right and see The Year Of Yes, How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person by Shonda Rhimes. And I say yes, yes to me, yes to saying no. I don’t know how the call will go but I know what I will say.

The fact that just looking at the cover can give me renewed strength speaks to its message. Rhimes manages to share her personal story in such a way that it not only entertains but challenges the reader to also examine what in their life have they been saying no to andwhat have they missed out on. And more importantly, why?

The Year of Yes at first glance seems like every other self-help memoir toted by a celebrity, and it can be if that’s how you go into reading it. As a fan of Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder I was interested what the famous mind behind Thursday night television had to say. I mean really? What doesn’t Shonda say yes to; her life is great, right? Right? Wrong. Shonda, I think she’ll prefer I call her Shonda instead of Rhimes in this write up, is like you and me. Through all of life’s craziness she wants to do what will make her happy: her family, her career, and a good bottle of wine.

Saying yes, is not just attaining the attitude that you’ll agree to everything that comes your way. The Year of Yes is about saying yes to the things that terrify you, that challenge you, and ultimately leave you fulfilled like you never have before. It also includes saying yes to the seemingly small things in life that aren’t so small, like taking time for you and your family or  turning down something that you just don’t have time for. Saying yes is about putting you first to be the best possible version you can be.

Shonda’s story telling is much like that of her shows; it’s fun, with a lot of hilarious repetition and a great monologue here and there to get you in check and prioritize yourself. Shonda’s personality keeps you entertained and her personal accounts make each chapter relatable whether your life parallels hers or not. Rich, poor, single, married, children or not something in the Year of Yes is bound to strike a chord with you. Year of Yes is definitely on my book recommendation list now. 

Oh, and my call with my mentor went amazing. She was open, helpful and understood my circumstances. Let’s try to keep that momentum up for the even tougher things that arise in 2016 we will have to say yes to. What are you going to say yes to?