Tuesday at Three

Tuesday At Three is the first novel from author Gillian Alex and I was lucky enough to receive a copy to check out and share with you all. The story follows Alexa Ross, an NYC girl struggling with the usual issues of career, love, and balancing a social life with girlfriends.

Alexa is in a rut- she’s an executive assistant in corporate America, single, and not loving it, and trying to find her passion in the hustle and bustle of New York City. It is a story about finding your womanhood through a series of mishaps and repeated mistakes until you finally learn. I found myself frustrated with Alexa wanting her to be more responsible and wise, however, Gillian showed a flawed woman, that many of us are, and that we don’t get ourselves together easily and without a lot of blunders. The story follows a year of Alexa’s life from January 1, 2012, to New Year’s Eve and throughout the story we see Alexa find a new passion and commit to herself- not men. Alexa has a revolving door of men, trying to find Mr. Right while enjoying the benefits of Mr. Right Now. As for her career, she does just enough to get by at work but lacks a passion to find herself a fulfilling career. Alexa’s friends, and women she meets on her journey, are the only constant she can depend on. I can’t tell you what happens Tuesday at Three, but I can say that Alexa shares comical and relatable experiences.

Tuesday at Three is a quick, easy read especially now that we’re entering hibernating season. If you’re looking for something light and fun this is the book for you.

Tuesday at Three, is a laugh-out-loud, coming-into-womanhood story with all the romance and vibrancy of New York City.  The prose shared is personal, immediate, and evocative of modern life in NYC. You can grab a copy and learn more about the author at her site.