h-APP-y New Year!

Happy New Year! It’s 2016 and this year will be the best one yet, just watch. A new year means new resolutions and goals that you have probably set. Here’s a list of some apps that will help you stick to your resolutions whether it’s weight, money or something else.

1.       Pact  uses cash incentives to keep you on track with your fitness goals. You make a pact for the week of what you want to accomplish and determine a payout amount if you fail. If you stick to your goal you keep your money and if you don't meet your goal other Pact members get paid-and vice versa. Get fit and make a little money.

2.       StickK Similar to Pact, StickK allows you to set goals with money as the motivator however it expands beyond fitness to be any goal you set. As an added motivator you can choose an ‘anti-charity’ that will receive your funds if you fail, like supporting a political party you can’t stand or an organization you oppose. Knowing your funds will go to your ‘foe’ is sure to add some fuel to your fire.

3.       Qapital & Digit are both automated money saving apps. Set savings goals and these apps will strategically deduct funds from your designated checking account weekly (digit ranges between $5-50). The apps don’t take too much and it allows you to save money otherwise spent on things like drinks or spontaneous purchases. You’ll be surprised how much money you could have been saving. Qapital requires opening an account with interest bearing savings; both Qapital and Digit are FDIC insured.

4.       Acorns Not unlike Qapital & Digit this app saves your spare change however it uses it to invest in stocks and bonds to create your portfolio. It’s an easy way to test out the world of investment if you are new to it and looking for a less risky entry. Robinhood is another notable investment app great for beginners.

5.       Duolingo  Learn a new language for free! With over a dozen languages including French, Spanish, Polish and Russian use this app you brush up on your two years of high school foreign language studies.  Lessons consists of speaking , listening and translating of which you are graded. You can add your friends as accountability partners and to compete. Brush up on your Español for your next trip.

6.       Pomodoro Stay productive and fight procrastination with this app. Pomodoro allows you set deadlines to complete tasks with built in breaks to encourage productivity. To further help your productivity download Forest, which helps keep you from visiting websites for a designated time period. Need to write a paper in 30 minutes, use Forest to discourage you from going to Facebook and loosing track of time.   

There are a lot of apps out there to meet your needs. What are your resolutions this year? What tools are you using to help reach your goals?