Sorry I'm Not Sorry

If you’re handling any type of business today chances are you correspond via email more than phone. Email is a major part of our daily lives and the contents of an email can make or break you. Often, subconsciously, we draft emails that are self-deprecating and lessen their strength. Words and phrases like ‘sorry’ or ‘I was just checking to see’ take power away. Just Not Sorry is here to help ensure your emails are effective. It is a FREE app that underlines words that undermine the strength of your email. This plug in, available for Gmail download, underlines ‘weak’ words, much like the red spell check line we are familiar with, and makes you aware of the vocabulary used. Just Not Sorry allows you to not only see what you drafted but analyze it and find a way to make it more effective. This plugin is beneficial for work correspondence, personal and cold emails. You can download it here

Give it a try and see if your email messages do not improve overall. What tools do you have in your arsenal to promote productivity?