#SelfLoveSeries: Love Letter

The majority of the September features have lent themselves to creativity, particularly the power of words. This month’s Self Love series is no different, this was something I wanted to do personally and felt that it’s worth everyone trying.

We are our worst enemies. We are brutally honest and tend to judge ourselves much harsher than others do. I challenge you, and myself, to write yourself a love letter. Yes, a love letter. Be honest, be fearless and most importantly be open. You can write as much or as little as you want, just write. You can mention things you don’t like and want to see change but don’t focus only on that. What do you love about yourself? What do you want to accomplish? What can you promise yourself? What do you owe you? Use the time you write as a time to reflect. See where you are you and where you want to be. Cope with pain, especially self-inflicted. Go into this exercise with an open and honest mind and heart if you really want to seek internal healing and growth. Let’s stretch ourselves to see more within ourselves, as I don’t think you can wrong loving you.

Now once you finish the letter seal it an envelope. Meditate on what you wrote down and how you can grow and become all that you wrote down or cope with the negative aspects of life that cripple you. Wait a while, I’m hoping to last until the New Year, to open your letter. See if you’ve made the changes you wanted to and if your feelings have improved.