Mobile Mangement

Keeping track of money and spending doesn’t have to be hard. We are all busy so accessibility and convenience are key. One way I stay on top of everything are with phone apps. Applications make managing money much easier. Here are a few of my “go-to” apps for you to check out.

1.  Mint- This is an app that has just about EVERYTHING. You can link bank accounts, credit cards, track scheduled bill payments, spending and prioritize your budget. A great feature is it breaks down where you spend your money. Are you spending too many dollars on entertainment instead of groceries? Mint will help you see where your dollars go. Mint is really an all-encompassing application for anyone looking for a simple way to see everything at once. The app is free to download.

2.  Balance My Checkbook- I’ll be honest I used a traditional transaction register up until this year. I decided to give up the old-fashioned method (who has room for a checkbook in their bag?) and find an app instead. Balance My Checkbook is a no frills app that allows you enter purchases just as you would in a checkbook register. The app is free to download and you can purchase additional features that allow you track multiple accounts, schedule reoccurring payments and search transactions. I love the app because I can keep count of expenses that have not been withdrawn from my bank account yet, it’s great to have multiple references to double check spending and charges made to your account.

3.  Personal Banking- Whoever you bank with download their app. You can view your current balance, pay bills, transfer money, and find ATM locations and more. I love the convenience of being able to bank anywhere and having instant access to account and routing numbers.

4.  Personal Credit Card Account- If you have a credit card download the company’s app. You can view your balance, credit limit, interest rates, balance due dates and pay on the bill. Seeing your statement regularly versus once a month helps you be more cognizant of your spending.

Those are my top 4 apps, what are yours? Share your money mobile management tips!