Poetry & Prose

Since this month’s She Creates featured poet Naki Akbrobettoe it was only natural to continue the theme into She Reads. These three poets are amazing in their own right and have each published their own works.

Teaching my Mother how to Give Birth- Warsan Shire

This Somali-British poet is a pure artist. Her words are smooth, saccharine and sour at the same time. Reading her work is calming though nothing about the words are still, they are very much alive as she talks about love, fatherless families, war, lost homelands and how women are affected by it all. Warsan’s work is raw and sensual, you feel all of her in every poem, and it’s brutal in its honesty.

Clutch- Zora Howard

The first NYC Youth Poet Laureate and a phenomenal talent this lady continues to amaze. Harlem bred Zora offers no apology, her work has a hood edge with Harvard vernacular (she graduated undergrad from Yale). She is an amazing story teller and her prose is multi-layered. She is a beautiful storm awaking you from your slumber to listen and watch the phenomenon. She shares the everyday stories of being black, being woman, society, family and more while showcasing the positive and negative aspects poignantly.

Words from a Wanderer- Alexandra Elle

Alex Elle is pure inspiration. Her work usually centers on self-discovery, self-love and personal growth. The book includes notes to herself which are great to read and see how easily they apply to your life. Her work motivates you to look within as you journey, just as she has, and to take those lessons for growth. Alex’s book even offers journal pages at the back for to write as your endure your own journey.

These are quick reads that you will find yourself rereading and reminiscing. Often, as poetry goes, as you evolve so does your relationship to the piece and you find something new to identify with each time.