Letter writing is such a lost art. The simple pleasure of snail mail, the writing and receiving of letters in mail bring a smile to many people’s faces. When my sister was younger I wrote to her regularly and I hope that she enjoyed getting my letters as much I enjoyed hers. It was one of my ways to show her I was thinking of her and that she was important.

You can write letters to just about anyone as a fun way to provide light in someone else’s life. Letter writing organizations require a little searching for but some include Soldiers’ Angels, Write a Prisoner and HSAMF for homeschooled children. Your letter recipients can vary from senior citizens, soldiers to hospital patients. And kids are likely to enjoy the entire letter writing process while also serving as a great way to learn about a child from somewhere else and encourage literacy. Writing a letter is an easy way to service others, you can do it from home and drop it the mailbox on the way to work. Additionally, letter writing campaigns do still exist. Find a cause you are passionate about and write a letter, or email, getting others to join the cause. Super easy and super fun, give it a try!