A Timeless Miracle: Poet Naki Akrobettoe

Poet Naki Akrobettoe is a lover of words. Her newest project A Timeless Miracle is a spoken world album, completely done in freestyle. In a studio session of about 7 hours Naki and musicians collaborated to create stories. According to Naki, each track focuses on a topic and is a piece to a puzzle. She covers everything from self-love to friendships, womanhood, and also includes a letter to her children. One track titled “On Being a Woman” is an uplifting piece for women. “We are the backbone of this entire world. You know people wouldn’t exist without women. We birth the whole world and our womb is the center of creativity so I wanted to pay tribute to women and all that we endure to exist in this world. I don’t feel that we get enough credit,” Naki says. The freestyle session was cut down to about 45 minutes for album. Naki explains the title A Timeless Miracle by saying, “I wanted to leave a product that was timeless…it’s just going to continue to live on beyond me, it will evolve itself. Outside of that a miracle is every day I have the ability to wake up and create, we all do.”

Talking to Naki you feel her passion for not just poetry but words and language. Throughout her career she has performed for Lauryn Hill and opened for artists Talib Kweli and Melanie Fiona, respectively. She co-founded student origination D.E.E.P. (Developing Empowering Poets through Poetry) as well as participating in other youth focused organizations. This past year she received her MFA in Creative Writing and is making the move to Ghana next year to teach.

If you want to check out Naki’s work, A Timeless Miracle is on iTunes and Bandcamp (Naki Speaks) and she hopes you “smile, press play and put it on repeat.” Naki will also be blogging her experience in Ghana on her WordPress blog Blackstar Experience. With a move to Ghana, writing and shopping publisher for her MFA manuscript Naki is staying busy and ensuring she leaves a timeless legacy.

You can find Naki online at her official website, NakiSpeaks.com, as well as on social media at handle @NakiSpeaks.