Rosewood Screening

As part of promotion FOX is conducting a 10 city tour with early screenings of the new show Rosewood, starring Morris Chestnut. On Monday, September 15 FOX held a VIP Press Screening at the Schomburg Center in Harlem, NYC. Special guests included Demetria Lucas, Sharon Carpenter and Anthony Mack, Jr. among many others.  

Rosewood is a crime show, with a dose of comedy. Set in Miami, Morris plays Beaumont Rosewood, a private pathologist, with a strong connection to death and an even stronger love for life. This is due to his own medical illness that has left him with little time to live. In the show we are introduced to Detective Villa (played by Jaina Lee Ortiz), Rosewood’s partner, who begrudgingly works with Morris to solve a young woman's murder. Villa finds Rosewood’s antics annoying, however she can’t help but be impressed by his knowledge and optimism. Rosewood’s practice is high-tech and helping to run his practice are his sister Pippy (played by Gabrielle Dennis) and DNA specialist Tara Milly Izikoff (Anna Konkle). Also, Lorraine Toussaint stars in the show as the mother of Rosewood and Pippy.  

The shows is fun and it's refreshing to see Morris in a lighter, comedic role. Jaina holds her own as a detective willing to do anything for the job. It should be interesting to watch the characters relationship develop over time and see the direction the show will take.   

Following the screening was a short Q&A with Morris to ask any questions and provide potential feedback on the series. The event was well organized, executed and an overall good time. In addition to viewing the first episode of Rosewood, audience members were also treated to previews and special interviews promoting FOX’s new fall lineup. The new shows include Rosewood, Scream Queens, Minority Report and last year's hit Empire will be returning. All four of these shows feature minority leads, and for that I am excited to tune in.

FOX Fall Premiere Dates:

  • Minority Report- Monday, September 21st 8pm
  • Scream Queens- Tuesday, September 22nd 8pm
  • Rosewood- Wednesday, September 23rd 8pm
  • Empire-Wednesday, September 24, 9pm