Will Work for Tickets: Global Citizen Festival 2015

This year’s Global Citizen Festival will feature performances from Pearl Jam, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay and Beyoncé on September 26. This is an annual free ticket event in Central Park sponsored by The Global Poverty Project. The entire festival promotes giving back to the world around us through service projects, fundraising and awareness. According to the official website this year’s specific festival priorities are girls and women, food and hunger, education, global health and water, sanitation and hygiene. So how do you get a ticket for such a great cause? Through action. Actions vary from tweeting, posting on social media and signing petitions. All of which are relatively easy and do not require a lot of time, so get to it if this sounds like something you would be interested in. Visit the website to find specific ways to get a ticket to the event, there are 48,000 FREE tickets for this year’s festival.

This a great way to get involved and have fun!