Welcome to Wondaland Baby!

Janelle Monáe and her collective of artists, called Wondaland, are offering fans an amazing treat! A FREE eight city tour, sponsored by Toyota, to promote their new EP titled The Eephus.

The concert was amazing! Nothing else could describe it. Wondaland consists of Janelle Monáe, Jidenna, Roman GianArthur, lady duo St. Beauty and guy duo Deep Cotton. Each of the artists have their own sound, and they all contribute to create a unique Wondaland sound, one that fans of Janelle Monáe will love. Their music is soul, rock, funk, fun, fresh and fly all that the same time with an overall positive message. I found myself falling in love with each of the artists as they performed. Their energy was contagious and the audience loved it. We were all dancing, chanting and singing along. Aside from the well-known Monáe and Jeneral Jidenna, I especially loved the smooth bohemian sound of St. Beauty.

As part of their tour Wondaland is also doing interactive performance protests in the tour cities. Peforming protests in major areas of the city and meeting with fans. They are rallying and vocalizing for the Black Lives Matter movement. As part of the show the entire collective performed a new soul stirring song titled Hell You Talmbout, which is a war cry to end brutality and vigilante atrocities committed to black bodies (listen below). I loved the song and at the end the audience all had our fists raised in solidarity. It was a fun, uplifting night and we all left like we came together.

Tour cities include Philadelphia, NYC, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Atlanta.

The Eephus EP is available for download now. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed. I for one can’t wait for an entire album from these artists.

Charell StrongComment