The Cosby Debacle

Once again Bill Cosby is the center of media attention. It has surfaced that in 2005 Cosby stated he gave sedatives to women for sex. This follows a string of recent allegations that Cosby drugged and raped several women over the decades.

In 2005, under oath Cosby admitted to giving women a sedative with the intent to have sex with them. Information from the court case is convoluted with Cosby recanting his statement and his lawyer making constant objections, which is to be expected.  This news from the 2005 case has brought some justification to the over 20 women, one of who spoke out is supermodel Beverly Johnson, that Cosby is in fact capable of the atrocities he is accused of.

I am not surprised to learn of this new development and I am more ashamed of people’s reactions to the accusations against “America’s Favorite Dad.” The act of victim shaming and placing blame on the women is disheartening, and even more so when my fellow women fail to give even a slight inclination that the allegations might be true. It this dogmatic mindset that is the reason victims of sexual abuse do not speak out, and in Cosby’s case has caused many not to speak until now.

It’s unfortunate that the brilliant legacy of Cosby will be marred by his actions, but his professional resume does not negate these allegations. As time passes I hope that the truth of what happened comes out, to answer questions and finally reach a conclusion for both the victims and the accused.

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