Motivation Monday: Success is Habitual

The key to success is consistency- simple principle, difficult to execute. When you lose motivation or you forget the why, habit comes in and allows you to push and work despite how you feel. Consistency is about working past your feelings to continue towards your purpose. Whether its school, fitness or career you have an end goal in mind and the only way to get there is to continually work and prepare for it. Think of how many people make New Year’s resolutions that are abandoned by February, it’s because they didn’t make their resolution a habit. At the beginning of the year you are motivated by your internal inspiration—you’re going to get that job, lose those 10 pounds and stop smoking but a few weeks pass and inspiration wanes. We need to shift our behavior by creating habits that strategically help us reach our goals. Inspiration is nice but it is sporadic, habit is permanent and dependable. Think of one goal you have for yourself. What is something you can do daily or weekly, on a consistent basis, that will lend itself to you achieving that goal. Now do it, put it in your schedule now and don’t deviate. I can assure you that when you form good habits you will see results and will be able to push through lulls.

Wishing you a positive and productive week!