BLACK IN AMERICA: #SayHerName Sandra Bland

It’s pretty much a guarantee that your social media news feed is flooded with the news of Sandra Bland. Sandra was found hung from a jail cell in Texas from an apparent suicide, however the incidents surrounding her arrest and resulting death are full of questions and disparities. The young black woman was pulled over for a minor traffic infraction, and the situation escalated to her arrest by a state trooper. As more and more information is revealed about Sandra it’s fairly safe to say that foul play involved. The videos and stories of Sandra show a vivacious, God-fearing woman full of life and ready for her next chapter, not suicidal. She was even vocal about other #BlackLivesMatter causes. Unfortunately, the media and law has a track record of not being on the side of the victim. Let’s stay tuned as more information comes out and see if any judicial action will take place.