World Affair Wednesday: US & Cuba Reopen Embassies

For the first time since 1961 the US and Cuba reopened their embassies in each nation on Monday, July 20. This is a historic moment for both nations as there have been decades of animosity, estrangement and diplomatic barriers. This signals the start of new diplomatic relations between the nations, which now eliminates Switzerland’s role as ‘mediator’ between the two. The US embassy has reopened in Havana, while Cuba has officially reopened its Washington embassy displaying it’s flag outside of the building.

The embassy openings are just a symbol of what is to come. There is still a long road ahead for both nations to begin working together on such issues as travel restrictions, trade embargos and prohibitive laws in place from years of animosity, as well as questions from citizens and lawmakers alike. Many policies are sure to be reviewed and more changes are likely to come.  

This is not the end but the beginning of both countries working toward more productive dialogue despite differences.