Motivation Monday: Right Where You're Supposed to Be

As a child you imagined your life to be further along than it is, right? Well everyone has. Failure is okay, just remember to keep focused on your final destination. Everyone has set backs and false starts, but it is the people that don’t stop at the roadblock that reach success. This week I challenge you to see where you want to be then look at where you are. With where you are take time to enjoy the flux of youthful ambition, the uncertainty, and the fact that you are far from where you initially started. Now find what you can learn from where you are to help propel you to the next step. Nothing you are doing will be in vein. Your dreams aren’t too big.

Wishing you a positive and product week,

Strong & Elite Womyn

P.S. Check out this article by Heidi Priebe I stumbled across that aligns perfectly with today’s motivation and delves further if you want to read more.