Watching the seven minute video brought tears to my eyes and rage to my heart. As a young, black woman this video is beyond disturbing, it is a harsh reminder of the reality that anyone like me can face. The graphic video shows an officer using excessive force and going so far to pull out a gun on a group of young people.  

According to reports officers responded to a call regarding a fight at a community pool in McKinney, Texas. Later news site sources as the fight being between a mother and daughter, not the kids that were being accosted by the officer. In the video we see Eric Casebolt and his fellow officers corralling a group of kids to get down on the ground. Casebolt is the main talking head; yelling, cussing and physically grabbing at the youth.

The sadly ironic part of the video is that the officer proceeded to force all the black boys on the ground and yelled at the young black women standing to disperse. However, if you look closely at the video there literally dozens of white bystanders, and a young white boy filming who were not at any time told to move or get down. Whether someone deems the events as racially motivated or not, I strongly believe profiling and racism were at hand here, whether the world wants to admit it or not.

The news has reported that officer Casebolt has resigned, good. But that is not enough. This video further reiterates the drastic problem in America regarding the abuse of power from those in positions of protection. We cannot ignore the fact that there is an extreme imbalance in the way minorities are treated by those whose duty is to uphold the law.