Brotherly Love the Movie

Last night the Magic Johnson Theatre in Harlem filled for an advance screening of the new independent film Brotherly Love. The film is a compelling drama with a refreshing look at what is deemed the typical hood drama.

Brotherly Love is a tale of choices and the results, good or bad, of those choices. In the film we are introduced to a small family trying to make it out of their Philadelphia neighborhood. Narrated by Keke Palmer, Brotherly Love is a funny yet heartbreaking story of family, love and loyalty. The story follows siblings June (Cory Hardrict), Sergio (Eric D. Hill Jr.)  and Jackie (KeKe Palmer) as they each navigate their lives. Sergio is a basketball star with a future pro-ball career in his grasp, June is the family provider hustling in the streets while Jackie is an aspiring singer. The lives of these three, their family and their friends take drastic and crazy turns as an interesting series of events occur and unravel to a life-altering ending.

The cast features stars that many black and minority audiences will recognize such as Macy Gray, Malik Yoba, Faizon Love, Lil JJ, Julito McCullum and more. In addition to familiar faces there is plenty of new talent that hold their weight just as well as the other actors in the film. Notably, Eric D. Hill Jr did an excellent job in his first major role playing basketball star Sergio, who carries the family’s hopes of a better life on his talented shoulders. Cory Hardict also gave an amazing performance, and it was great to finally see him in a lead role, this film is sure to open more doors for him. The entire cast performed well and I was not left disappointed after the film.

Queen Latifah’s production company Flavor Unit helped bring the film to the screen. Brotherly Love is a perfect example of persistence. This film was shopped at multiple companies and not picked up until Queen Latifah saw the potential in the film and signed on.  

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and encourage everyone to check it out in theaters when it debuts this Friday April 24, and you can check out the trailer above.