Life After Graduation

She Strives…to succeed. Glass Ceilings? She breaks them.

Many of us have just graduated college or can still vividly taste the food from the college cafeteria. Basically we are in the flux between college grad and career-oriented adult. The transition from one to the other is far from smooth and not easy. Here are my Top 5 Life After Graduation Tips:

1.       Take a Risk. Now is the time when you have no responsibilities and nothing but time. The trip you’ve been wanting to take, do it. The city you want to move to, buy a ticket. It’s the scariest and the most exhilarating experience, and as I like to say you’ll have great stories for your children.

2.       Fail. Fail. Fail. And Fail some more. Trust me when I tell you, you will fail. I still do. You won’t get the job you interviewed for. You won’t have enough money. Your resume won’t even be picked for an interview. You’ll get fired. All of this and the world will still keep spinning. Don’t let failure or the fear of it stop you from trying. Each “no” gets you one step closer to the “yes” you’ve been waiting for.

3.       Get out and meet people. Don’t think that all you have to focus on is networking for the perfect job. You need to have social life too. Go and meet people, form genuine bonds and find common interests. It is inspiring to meet other likeminded people that you can share stories with, go to brunch and laugh at life with. Also, these people just may be future VPs and CEOs.

4.       Find Me Time. In the midst of work, socializing, networking, going to events and like your schedule can become so hectic you don’t have time for you. Dedicate an hour a day for yourself to workout, read a book or meditate. Make time for you and only you, the world can wait.

5.       Look up, take a deep breath and smile. When you think you can’t make or you think life can’t get any better do this and appreciate the moment you are in. Then look around you and keep going.

No this wasn’t a practical career advice article, those will come later I promise. This is a life advice list because often it’s the basic things we tend to forget that really propel us to success and more importantly happiness.