Volunteer: City Harvest

There's always a need for give back and it doesn't have to be boring. S&E will share stories of volunteer experiences, unconventional volunteer opportunities as well as community development and everything in between. There's sure to be something to pique your interest. 

City Harvest (NYC) is not your average food pantry. Yes, they distribute food but they also work to provide knowledge and tools necessary to help those they provide the food to. One of the interesting volunteer opportunities is to become a Nutrition Educator. In this role you lead live cooking demonstrations that show healthy, delicious meals that can be made with options provided from the City Harvest food market. Additionally, you can go grocery shopping with City Harvest recipients to teach how to shop for affordable and nutritious options. 

If you don’t have particular skills or time you can volunteer at the food market to distribute food or at the local city markets to ask vendors to donate unsold goods to City Harvest. There is something for just about everyone looking to volunteer at City Harvest.

City Harvest is great for those looking to volunteer without giving a long term commitment. You can sign up for individual days months in advance based on your schedule. For more information visit their website, http://cityharvest.org.