God Help the Child by Toni Morrison

Legendary writer Toni Morrison‘s newest novel God Help the Child is out now. The book is monumental in that it is her first book written in today’s time and her 11th novel. God Help the Child follows Bride a young, beautiful woman with blue black skin as she deals with childhood scars and her crumbling relationship with mysterious boyfriend Booker.

Growing up Bride was neglected and ashamed of by her light-skinned mother due to her dark skin. Due to this she never realized and embraced her beauty until she was older.  Bride grows to be a successful woman working in the cosmetics industry, yet her childhood still haunts her, affecting her personal life and relationships. One relationship is her with her boyfriend Booker, who is equally beautiful and whose life is shrouded in mystery that Bride tries to uncover in the novel while also battling her personal demons.

I must say, I was disappointed in God Help the Child, it left me wanting more. Though not bad, the story fell short of the greatness I expected from Morrison. God Help the Child didn’t provide enough background on the characters or their relationships for me to become deeply imbedded in their past or their futures. If you’re looking for a story on the issue of skin complexion in the black community Morrison’s The Bluest Eye does a great job of addressing the issue and showing it from multiple angles. God Bless the Child is really a story of how childhood tragedies and events not only shape, but can also haunt and hinder your adulthood. The story shows how one must address their issues to fully live, love themselves and love those around them.

Though not what I expected God Help the Child is definitely worth the read. The book is a quick read by a fantastic author. If you are new to Morrison’s writing this a good book to start with and it’s a nice novel to start your summer reading.