World Affairs Wednesday: Kenya Massacre

Welcome to a new Strong & Elite blog series, World Affairs Wednesday-Because She Thinks Globally. The struggles of women and minorities is a global one, and in order to successfully navigate the world we should be aware of not only domestic but also foreign news.

Last week, April 2, in Kenya a massacre led by Islamic extremist group Al-Shabaab killed 147 people and wounded many others, during an attack that lasted for hours at a Kenyan university. The group tore through the school early Thursday shooting students and taking hostages. They falsely led students to their death stating, “If you want to survive, come out! If you want to die, stay inside!” Once students had gathered outside they began to shoot them. Many students took the risk of hiding inside for days, with no food or water until Al-Shabaab had left the scene and it was safe to go outside. Both Christian and Muslim students were killed during the massacre. The attack has the highest death rate since the U.S. Embassy bombing in 1998, where more than 200 people died.

This is not the first attack from Al-Shabaab and they have left many dead in Kenya. Al-Shabaab is based in Somalia and is affiliated with Al Qaeda. The group stated that the university was spreading Christianity and infidelity, and that Kenya is Muslim land.

Please continue to keep the students, families and the country of Kenya in your thoughts and prayers.