HerAgenda Live!

HerAgenda Live is an event series featuring a variety women that allows attendees to delve into their stories, learn and be inspired. I attended a panel this past week with the theme Overcoming Fear, Facing Failure and Actualizing Ambition. This was my second HerAgenda event and I was not disappointed. The events are always well executed, the questions delve deeper than other panels I have attended and to top it all off there is always a great chance for networking with other ambitious women. The event panelists were Victoria Taylor director of digital community at WeWork; Soledad O’Brien CEO of Starfish Media Group; Meagan Hooper founder and CEO of bSmartGuide.com and Vanessa De Luca editor-in-chief of Essence Magazine.

Founder Charell Strong with Soledad O'Brien and Vanessa De Luca, respectively

Founder Charell Strong with Soledad O'Brien and Vanessa De Luca, respectively

All four of these amazing women offered honest and candid answers sharing their experiences and advice for using fear as fuel. Vanessa stated she gets nervous when there is no fear, it provides us with checks and balances. When looking at fear Soledad said it offers perspective.  Perspective as to why you are afraid. Is it because you are unprepared? Evaluate why you are afraid. She uses fear to direct her and hone in what she wants to accomplish.

Fear is always present but you have to choose to move past it to accomplish your goals which transitioned into discussing actualizing your ambition. To do this Soledad was very passionate saying, “Strategy. Strategy. Strategy. Things just don’t happen, you have to plan.” Whether you have to try multiple times or do it alone your fear and ambition (and a good plan) will work together to help your success.

There were so many great pieces on advice at the event and I left inspired and reassured. Be sure to check the HerAgenda website, as most panels are usually filmed and uploaded for viewing.