#SelfLoveSeries: What I Definitely Know.

"I wish I believed in myself as much as everyone else does."

I think this thought several times a day, dozens of times a week and hundreds to thousands of times a month. Life is hard. We are learning as we go so there is no time to study and practice before the test. I fear failure, dwell on the past, worry about the future and doubt myself like everyone else. However, my goal is to change my mind. There is infinite power in thoughts. What you think is what you say, what you say is what you do and what you do determines who you become.

Why do we find it easier to cheer others on? What is it about being our own personal cheerleader that challenges us? Why do we allow negativity to invade our minds?

Pose this question to yourself: what do you know for sure? Starting, it is probably easier to choose things about yourself that are quantifiable or easily identifiable. I, Charell, know that I am prompt and dependable. I am good at taboo and bake a mean salmon. Now reiterate those things about yourself. It’s easy to be confident in areas you know you excel. Now, what do you doubt? Are you standing in your own way? What don’t you think you can do? What don’t you believe? Change the dialogue. Say for instance, I am beautiful, I am smart, I am going to kick butt today. Repeat it. Say it daily. Eventually you'll believe it. So much of navigating through life is done in your mind, it determines the attitude you will have when you face the world.

I definitely know that I am capable of more. We all are. I definitely know that the only person in my way is me. I definitely know that my belief in myself determines my success. I definitely know that we don’t give ourselves enough credit.

Let's grow together. Peace.